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Do no harm

Stella O’Malley is a public speaker and psychotherapist who is vocal on transgender issues. She made the Channel 4 documentary Trans kids: It’s time to talk and opposes the use of hormone blockers, despite the tremendous good that blockers can do (as I explain below).   It’s worrying that such views are still being aired. […]

Airport Scanners – A Major Fear For Trans Travelers.

One fear for many trans people is flying, specifically getting through airport security. Without fail, every time I fly I have anxiety about whether today will be the day I am asked to go through a body scanner at security and will be picked out due to an anomaly because of my trans body.   […]

Trans parents, amazing news – but NOT the first!

It’s great and exciting news to hear that Jake and Hannah are going to be parents. It’s also great news that they are able to be open and share this part of their journey with the world. To help educate others and show that in fact being trans means you’re normal, can have a normal […]

FaceApp – gender recognition

Everyone’s doing it at the moment – seeing how they would look ‘old’ or ‘young’ with FaceApp, the image-altering app from Russian company Wireless Lab. Firstly, what an incredibly clever app it is! But how many of you have noticed that when it scans your picture and processes your face, that it decides for itself […]

LGBT education in schools

There has been a lot of debate recently about LGBT, same sex relationships and transgender education in schools. Some parents think the topic should be in the curriculum whereas others think they should be able to opt-out, often because they feel their children are too young for the topic or that it will harm their […]

Finding Courage To Make Change

At the age of 39, after decades of fear, I chose to make one of the most fundamental and disruptive changes a person can make. Gender transition has seen me become a different person, a better person, and one who even now, years later, is still growing and achieving as a result. I’ve been asked […]

The Excitement of Medical Transition

Many people, I’ve found, think that the medical interventions are the hard part of being transgender.   In fact they are often the most exciting part.   The hardest things to deal with, usually, are hiding your identity before deciding to transition, or dealing with discriminatory behaviors from those around you. And these pains are […]

It’s the inside that counts

  I am saddened to hear yet again of trans-women facing this type of abuse.   The old me is often described as ‘HORRIFIC’! In the talks I give I often show a picture of me at 16 wearing a skirt as part of my Police Cadet Uniform. I’m lucky to be blessed with a […]