Transgender Day of Visibility: Changing lives

March 31 each year is International Transgender Day of Visibility, which honours transgender individuals, spreads awareness about the discrimination they encounter globally, and acknowledges their positive impact on society.


Why is visibility so important?

Visibility can provide much-needed role models. The importance of this is beautifully illustrated by this touching photo of a toddler in a wheelchair in a department store, who stopped to gaze in awe at a poster of an older boy also in a wheelchair. His mother took the picture as she realised it was the first time he had encountered such a positive representation of someone just like himself.

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If you never encounter people like yourself, it’s all too easy to believe that achieving what others achieve is beyond reach. Yet, when you witness someone who shares your identity accomplishing feats, it awakens the possibility that you can do the same. Without belief in this possibility, how can one strive to make it a reality?


More important now than ever!

Currently, there’s an overwhelming amount of negativity directed towards trans people, evident in news coverage and amplified by countless hostile reactions in social media. For a community already grappling with significant mental health challenges, the negativity and hate can be harmful and dangerous. Thus, it’s now more important than ever for trans people to have positive role models and to see that they have supportive allies. Transgender Day of Visibility does just this!


Shouldn’t we show allyship all year round, not just on a single day?

Of course we can show allyship all year round, but days such as Transgender Day of Visibility give an excellent opportunity for your organisation to arrange an event or host a speaker. You really could profoundly impact someone’s life for the better.


Keynote speech – Matt Ellison
Macmillan Cancer Support conference 2023

Who is Matt Ellison?

Matt Ellison is an engaging and highly sought-after transgender speaker, who uses his own personal experiences to help inspire others. With his talks created to be 100% accessible and relevant to any audience, Matt’s dynamic and unique presentation style will leave your guests with plenty to think about, guiding them to making the changes they need to live a happier and more fulfilling life.


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