The wrongful and shocking conviction of a pioneer of trans healthcare – Dr Helen Webberley

Dr Helen Webberley truly understands the needs of the transgender community and genuinely wants to help. She’s a pioneer, trying to drag trans healthcare into the 21st century where it should be, and as a result of her forward thinking has been attacked (by our own side).

As a transman (non-biased as never been a patient of Dr Webberley but I know of her work and the principles of her clinic) I live in fear that if something changes at my GP practice I will be refused my medications, vital medications. Simply because many of the healthcare profession freeze and don’t want to take responsibility for our care because they are not educated on it. With reference to the ‘Do no harm’ moto, in a trans healthcare setting doing nothing is most certainly DOING HARM.

Helen has done nothing medically wrong and unfortunately was caught out by a rule she was initially unaware of. So after being told to stop treating her patients while registering her practice, by people unaware of the harm stopping treatment would do both physically and mentally to her patients, she put the care of her patients over her own needs and continued treating, and as a result this wrong doing has happened.

I truly believe Dr Webberley is one of the most ahead healthcare professionals for trans care in the UK and I hope despite what has happened here that she continues to ‘fight the fight’ for us.

Please, please if you care about trans rights and trans health care please donate to the crowdfunder set up to help Dr Webberley.